Surabhi Music Academy

Fee Structure:

We have small group (2-3) and individual classes. Please contact us for fee details. Most classes are face to face. Skype lessons will be undertaken only under special circumstances. 

Availability for Teaching and Other Services:

Please use the contact form to get in touch with us regarding performance opportunities or teaching inquiries.

Teaching Philosophy:

We, at SuMA, believe that music or any other art form thrives on the following:

1. Learning from a knowledgeable guru

2. Practicing what is learnt - exercises, old material and new lesson

3. Consistency - going to class without missing, practicing at home without skipping

4. Mindful practice - practicing the right way is as important as practicing every day.

5. Listening - to build repertoire, increase familiarity with the ragas and talas, form an opinion about what kid of music you like, and to find a style that works for you.

It is our duty, as educators, to facilitate these five aspects.